Silence led me to the one I ever wanted



I chose silence

silence over my words

to be the one they ever wanted

my words jailed in my heart

suffocated like being locked in a box

I was blinded by darkness

the silence was my weapon

the silence was the one that let me explore the world

silence led me to you

and you chose to be the whisper in my silence

uncertainty never had space in our life

the shadow of doubts never rooted in our life

I could blind myself and follow your path

with you, I learned to smile

with you around, I learned how to live

I sucked you in as if you were the air to me in my last breath

you were the key to my happiness

the one I ever wanted in my life

the one who chose to be my joy

the one who walked alongside my footsteps

holding my hand with pride

you arouse my feelings from the depth

you arouse the confidence in me to lead my life

beside you, I feel the safest.


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