inseperable even miles apart




She was the silent pillar

the pillar who stood against all odds

she was the strength of his heart

she could withstand the pain

she was the medicine to his wounds

he was the shield that protected her

they complimented each other

their embrace was like the one ever existed

they played like the fire and wind

she was the land to his feet

he was like the air to her

they kept each other alive

living apart was never the reason for them to stop loving

distance became the force that led them to unite

winds became the messenger

stars became their witness

their love was magnificent

never apart, never betrayed.

Silence led me to the one I ever wanted



I chose silence

silence over my words

to be the one they ever wanted

my words jailed in my heart

suffocated like being locked in a box

I was blinded by darkness

the silence was my weapon

the silence was the one that let me explore the world

silence led me to you

and you chose to be the whisper in my silence

uncertainty never had space in our life

the shadow of doubts never rooted in our life

I could blind myself and follow your path

with you, I learned to smile

with you around, I learned how to live

I sucked you in as if you were the air to me in my last breath

you were the key to my happiness

the one I ever wanted in my life

the one who chose to be my joy

the one who walked alongside my footsteps

holding my hand with pride

you arouse my feelings from the depth

you arouse the confidence in me to lead my life

beside you, I feel the safest.


wrap me up…


winds flapping on the window

as if it is knocking on the glass pane

being in your arms never scared me

I was snuggling in the blankets close to you

relaxed in the strong arms

as you leisurely stroke my arms and hair

the wind is escaping through the window and caressing the souls

from the glass window, all I could see was the reflection of us


i was dark

terrible and shaken

you turned the lights on in me

making it so shiny and bright

crystal and clear like the diamond

if I were to be reborn I want to be the sand

I want you to grow deep into me like a plant

I want to grow old with you as you spread the roots into me.