Candles- the light that leads me


Candles everywhere

the hall was lit up with thousands of candles

the smell of the white flowers filled in

the walls were decked up in elegant flowers

amidst the benches in the chapel

she sat holding her hands

her eyes closed

the soft winds that entered through the windows were playing with her hair

she had a smile

she turned around as if someone called her name

she opened her eyes

it was the wind that played the soft music in her ears

it tickled her

she smiled again

her eyes were in search of something

lighting up the candles, she waited for the one she desired

her eyes were determined

her wait continued, even it meant a lifetime

her smile never faded.

Desire- the portion that lets you be immortal



ripped and burdened

thoughts scattered

something woke me up in the middle of the night

sleep betrayed me as if it were never mine

I woke up as if you whispered in my ears

I could feel the yearning in your voice

My name was on your lips

knocked me out of my sleep

my eyes filled with tears as if I was hurt

I swallowed the bitter truth

holding my breath

for a second I thought I was gone with the wind

yet you held me closer

I could feel the pull in your soul

it is the only thing that burns in my heart

that keeps the thirst alive

the desire to be in you keeps me churning my days.

the desire keeps me immortal

I shed the fears and walked away from the lie I lived.