I ran towards the end

the end I thought was all

stumbling upon rocks and puddles

getting as dirty as it can be

yet, no pain showed on my face

as I ran the world was pulling me behind

the world who had abandoned me in my run

I wanted to show the world

the strong me

the  hidden me till then

only a few pure souls

realised the purity in me

excited my soul

and let me grab the run

if it was easy, it would never be mine

it was the hardest to take in  and let go your past

breaking the barrier and widening you spheres

letting all the thoughts that wound you to unwind

success was never an inspiration

but the journey was the one that awakened the spirit in me

I would struggle until the victory was mine.

winning or losing never frightened me

as endeavour was the only hope to survive in life



you in my eyes


your eyes glowing

you screamed in excitement

I could feel the thrill in your hands

you held my face

looking straight into my eyes

as if you were looking for something

the way you held my face, I felt like cuddling you in my arms

your smile widened

it was infectious

letting my lips smile with yours

the happiness of finding you in my pupil

as if you were encapsulated in my eyes

oh my, little girl, you are the one living in me

you lived in me for months

before the world welcomed you

you were the one I lived with so close to

the joy of you in me was impeccable.