Silent pain …..from a suffering mind

you build me 

then break me

am I a candlestick?

to be melted in your heat

the questions clouded my mind

embarking itself around the thoughts about you

not knowing what to decide

you pushed me higher up

then dropped me down dead

even when I suffered the pain

the screams echoed my mind 

struggling to be heard by the world

even when the mind was chaos, I remained calm

chaining the screams that were hurting me inside. 


under the rain…soaked

the night was cold

the pitter patter of the rainfall

brought in chaos in the night

the privileged lie under the shelter

and the rest lay under the pouring rain

I walked out of the room 

to feel the rain

every drop counting on my skin

I was cherishing it and letting it into me

soaking myself under the dark clouds

thunder and lightining rugged me

standing strong I let myself into the cold

feeling the pride of being real.



Happiness …grab it and feel it

Happiness is like a tinge of sheer joy

dig in every second of your life

share every joy in your life

the way our heart sings and dances around

every beauty that comes into our mind

fills us with the memories of our past

the smiles we received and neglected

some remain in our heart close to our souls

some vanish away into thin air

some smiles stay beyond appearances

happiness knows no bounds

it has no horizons 

reach out to it and grab the tiny snowflake of happiness 

in every moment and every breath of life.


Under the sun and the sky

Under the shadow of the leaves

eyes looking at the blazing blue sky

at the edge of the mountain 

overlooking the bright day that shined upon the town

we sat together hand in hand

deciding to be together 

however, we could

with a kiss and a miss

laughter with the tinge of tears

the sun shining on us

brightening the golden hairs on our face

you extended your arms to me

I felt like am the queen in the castle of your arms

your hugs are like the warmth of a family

and your kiss is like the life line for me

a silent promise 

to be with you forever

which I made ….treasured in my heart.




Nomadic soul rested in your arms

Am nomadic

never to constrained 

never to be tangled

I want to flow like the breeze 

touching every living soul on my way

rekindling every life that is reachable

shedding away a piece of me to the ones I met

but once as I met you

I realized the place to sink in was you

you absorbed me into your soul

your arms are like the castle to my soul

cherished every memory in me

each moment in your arms became a dream come a true moment in my life

the moment you were away, I felt like alienated

in despair, I waited for the time I am all yours

not little or less but wholly and completely.