A reflection of me



A reflection of me

sunken eyes

wounded soul

the scars speaks words unheard by others

felt like I was stripped

in front of the mirror

the real me wanted to run away

burn into ashes and rise like the phoenix

I smoked like a chimney

burning with the desire to be free

yet passers-by left me unnoticed

the more I burned, the more neglected I was

the change in me was never noticed

my paths shifted

I detoured to reach my destination

the unsettled emotions in my soul

left me astray

I stood still watching the distress that was building up

I was shaken by the thoughts that were clouding my mind

I decided not to worry,

as worrying was never an answer to my journey ahead

I never invited the problems into my life

I shook away the fear,grabed out the heart in me

decided to walk away from the pain

I did the best I can and moved on.



Growing beyond the cracks


There I lay as a crack on the ground

the crack that opened up to the world outside

yet I was just a small crack

visible to none

As you stumbled on me

I wondered how a small crack like me

pull you down to earth

You looked through me to see what caused to stumble

You filled me in with mortar

I bloomed a flower out the crack

that just added a beauty to your path

you watered and nourished me

the concrete world around me

let my roots stay firm underground

you let my flowers bloom, let the bees take away my sweetness

yet you watered me daily

expecting nothing in return

I grew up and one day shed my leaves

leaving nothing behind but a crack in your heart.




A bottle of me



You opened me up like a champagne

drank me like wine

tasting me like chocolates

finishing up like I was an ice cream

I melted in your hands like the ice creams on a hot summer day

you had the fragrance on with my aroma

we jelled in like the ice cream with toppings

the perfect combinations that come from the meet

I want to be soaked in like the water to the cloth

sinking like the stone in water

shine like the stars in the sky

shimmering like the pearls in the shell

I realised Love is all you need to live

the profound beauty that was liberating in our relation was the sign

that we were made for each other.