She walked alone on the darkest roads

lanced by all the stones on the road

the path was deserted

the words from the far off end

threatened her, poked her

yet the strength of her soul remained intact

the walkways were harder to walk or see

yet she wanted to pursue what she dreamt

she knew the road was not hassled free

she set her heart to frozen

let it not melt by the fire outside

walking away from the ones she ever thought was her

who turned away from her when she wanted to pursue her dreams

she had the strongest heart

to let go what she never needed

the day she woke up from her fake world

she was determined to walk away from it

nothing could bring her back

she knew one-day everything that is hers will return to her

she wanted to be what she ever wished for

nothing could shackle her dreams

she walked breaking the barriers

to her goal which could be hers forever

stumbling upon the false rocks

she walked towards her accomplishments

that gave her an identity

she knew now, what she ever wanted.

Sibling – the best half of you


I sat there overlooking my kids play

the way they fought , hit each other and  still played

reminding me of those young days

when I was a kid

It is always a blessing to have a sibling

to share, to fight, to love, to play pranks

nothing shooks the bonding they have

even in fights  the love remains intact

love is hidden in all the pranks

love that is camflagoued in the enemity

the care that is in the fights

the way they compliment each other

the support they shower upon each

for a second they strangle eachother

and the next moment they wana sing together

the bond is strange

as one cannot see the other worried

yet they are the enemy that you cannot ever live without

even miles apart their bond is perfect

the one who understand the craziest you and the dumbest you

living a life teasing and fighting with each other

but the moment someone is on you, they stand against all the evil

to be with you and protect you

siblings are the best half of you , known to you.

The dark pathways


The narrow streets

the patched roads

the bricks protruding o the pavements

the colorful windows that are left open

the glass panel that showed the word outside

the white crochet curtains swaying in the air

sending out the breeze into the home

the dark pathway looked elegant

the path was empty ,shined by the bit of light from the streelamps

yet the breeze swaying brought in some leaves

that was caressing every window in its path

the leaves flew up high in the air

floating in the path that the wind took it

the path unknown

the  inclination unknown

to a destination unexplored

the wind travelled to a far-off part

which was the Shangri-la.