She ran into him

drenched in rain

looking for a shelter

he held his hands above her head

watching the drops of water sliding through her hair and body

she was simple yet elegant

her brown eyes told many unspoken words

the moment their eyes locked up

he felt he was alive

like the first rays of the sun initiating the blooming of flowers

her smile evoked a smile on his face

he felt like there was rain in his dry land

as he extended his hands to hold her

as they brushed their hands past each other

there was a spark

the spur that could bring anyone alive

she smelled like lavender

he embraced her wholly as if he missed her in life

they united like souls meeting after ages.

31 thoughts on “Enticed

          1. Yeah..without that happening in your life how can you write those..for example..we are singles so we write those because it’s our fantasy..but you have daughters and still have creativity and patience to write those..what should I think..you must be lovable pair on fire..That’s actually great to have that kind of equation between you two

            Liked by 1 person

            1. Hehe…thank you…few things we can write by imagining too….am kind of into a job..where I hv to write even wthout knowing much..yet convince that it is there

              Liked by 1 person

                    1. Sooo you are doing full time job?? Actually right now I am fresher in software..but I will leave in probably one year..but I want to try in spare time..can I manage two works at a time and I am fresher..would it be difficult for me+?? How much I can earn as a fresher


                    2. But I know only writing..I don’t know other things like graphics,editing..etc..I can only write…And I can only write non technical stuff..because I am not that good in computers and gadgets stuff


                    3. Ohhh…soo are you freelancer..because..when I search in Google. They are asking me to attend interview which I can’t do because I am already in a job


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