Emblazed her



Her tenderness was like flower petals

her voice was like the soothing music

her brown eyes were the diamonds that shined

she was an epitome of love

He looked at her as if she was an enchantress

he was scared to fall in love with her

as he approached her with all the courage

she held her hands out calling for him

as he embraced her

he was scared to lose her

as he drew closer to her

he was afraid to kiss her

but when the mind is away

the kiss brings them closer

when he kissed her

it was hard to let go her lips from his

the more he felt her

he went deeper into her

listening to her unknown fears

battling with the emotions that let her stray away from him

he held her in his arms

struggling to calm her down

eliminating her fears and the chaos in her heart

igniting her soul to set free her emotions

emblazing her soul to freedom

her complex soul burned to ashes and was reborn like the phoenix.



Nestled in you


In search of my half soul

I walked across oceans and lands

until I walked into you

you stole my heart with a kiss

until then my search was my oblivion

you strayed my path

crossing my way leading me into love

the magic that was forbidden

until then I never knew how love can be

until I liberated in your arms

like the caterpillars waking up to the new found life

I realized what was love

falling into your arms, losing myself in your arms

I let myself unbuttoned

letting you into me

you added the sweetness to my soul

limping through every inch of me

the pain of union became the joy of pleasure

the wait became the stages of desire

I lay buoyant under your body

feeling the freshness of your breath over mine

your eyes became the gateway to your soul

you skimmed across my mortal

brushing yourself deep into me

unshackling me from the demons of my thoughts

letting me be free in your arms

I nestled in you.

Lost in her charms


The clouds watched them over

standing in dismay

the moments of being in each other’s arms

forgetting the world around

embracing each other

sparkles flew from them

the burning desire to be in each other’s arms

like the erupting volcano

their love erupted shaking the world

their love was like hunting for each other’s soul

they climbed upon one another crawling and conquering every inch of their bodies

the way she leaned on to him, her glistening hair brushed his face

her eyes sharper than the sword cutting across his visions

deep into his conscience

her smile was like the blooming flowers

bewitching his mind

he acknowledged her presence and let himself loose

he felt captivated by her soul

as if he was lost in her charms.