Into the wilderness of the soul



I was born rebellious

I was born like a fireball

I could plunge myself in the bluish lakes

yet burn like fire

My soul is shaking me apart

like an earthquake

shaking off my face masks

letting me be the real me

I acknowledged the whispers of my soul

shaking off from my cocoon

spreading my wings like the butterfly out into the world

knocking down my fake world

shedding the mystic covers

and going green

walking away into the dreams I chased once

I unlocked the mind, finding my way into the deepest soul

like a wildflower, I grew up into the wildness

listening to the music of the drums that my heart played

I danced into the wilderness like a naked soul

shedding all the fears of my heart

authenticating my new thoughts to freedom.


With you words became poetry


I never knew the art of writing

until I met you

the words became a poetry

i never knew what love was

until i felt the love for you

I never knew what separation anxiety was

until I was scared to be away from you

I never knew what was to forget oneself in love

until I learnt the art of falling in love with you

I never knew the art of making love

until you touched me

All I ever want now is to forget myself in your arms

All I ever want is to sleep with you and wake up in your arms

All I want to enjoy the shower with you

All I want is to share a nibble with you

All I want is to be yours only forever

you flipped my world with the one meet

you became the key to my heart

your thought brings a smile on me face

you enlighten my spirits

letting me fall in love every moment i think of you.



I wish to travel back in time


I wished to travel back

back to the time

where i could you as mine

where there were none to hold us back

where the time never played games with us

distance never parted us

people never judged us

I wish I could travel back

hold you in my arms as just mine

wish I could spin the time wheel

and rectify everything to what I ever wanted

All I want now is to be yours

but, world betrayed us

yet unified us unexpectedly

time plays a game with me and u

it runs when you are in me

and it crawls like a snail

when you are away from me

I wonder, what if it took us along

together as one and freezes forever.