Untamed me


I was told I was wild

untamed and unstoppable

I was told I was never a good one

yet I enjoyed being the bad

i showed my wildness

I was never caressed

I was never loved

I flew down like a wild river

time was not my enemy

my choices were not a harm to other

I celebrated being myself

my heart was like the ocean wavering

my dreams were like the stars

the music of the earth drew me closer

invoking me from the dead sleep

unraveling the real me was like jumping into the fire

yet the fire took me , as I was like water quenching its thirst to burn me.

You were my destination


I was a wanderlust

a soul searcher

my eyes kept searching for someone

who could take me in the fullest

take my wilderness

my madness and the whole me

I searched everywhere until our eyes met

you were like a current that prompted me

your touch unknowingly

brought in sparkles in me

you looked at me filled with desire

I endowed the connection in our souls

the more I knew you, the more I felt how deeply we were connected

I was taken into you wholly

one kiss, I felt like our souls were destined for each other

love was inevitable between us

it was swiftly flowing like a current

the whole me succumbed to you

I felt what was like breathing in fresh air

when your freshness was gushing into my lungs

We clamped on to each other

enjoying the bliss of togetherness.


One moment, I felt I was soaked in him



He looked into my eyes

like he was seeing me for the first

he grabbed my hand

pulling me closer to him

I thrust my head on his chest

the caring nest in my world

the feelings flowed like a river

i could feel his warmth all over me

the way he hugged me

pressing me deeply into him

I knew he wished, we just become one for the moment

I wished to never leave his side, and be with him forever

our hearts were beating in sync

the moments of fulfillment was filling us in

I realized how much we missed being together

for a moment we truly got soaked in each other

caressing our mind and body

interlacing our hearts in the magic of oneness.





I was a half filled glass


I was like a half filled glass

I enjoyed the bliss of life like a half moon

the half filled me wondered why I was not filled

wandering with my confused mind

my tethering thoughts never answered me

my heart echoed to me

yet I neglected the fact that I can be filled

until you arrived in my life

revealing to me feel the fullness of life

you emptied the void

filling me with the whole you

I was finally filled with you

We mixed like colors in the water

you filled me in colors

slowly like a painted brush inserted into a glass of water

the colors in you spread into me like building roots

stretching across me all over and becoming me.