I felt homeless until I reached your arms


The darkness of the walls

engulfing my mind

the thoughts wandering in my voidness

filling in the fear of losing you

the pain was unbearable

I felt like homeless until I reached your arms

my eyes filled with the dream of being yours

my arms waiting to be held by your hands

the darkness of your arms, while embraced in it

was more bewitching than the moonlit nights

All I wanted was to be lost in that darkness in your arms

the moon and the starts witnessing our union

the moment when we become one soul and one body

the fire in us will bring us together

and again I would be soaking in your arms

like the beauty of the night blanketing the day.


When my frozen heart was melt



Am I letting someone into me

I walk along the shattered pieces of my heart

I wonder do I let anyone collect each piece for me

every piece has an untold story to speak

some stories might be hurting

some stories might trigger the fury

some stories make you cry

some pieces are just unknown like frozen

I have let my heart frozen with time

nothing could make it warm enough

until you showed up

your static currents melted a keyhole in my heart

letting the warmth and light of your light

enter my heart melting away the walls I made

I wondered if sharing with you was a wise choice

the more I knew you, I could not ponder over the idea of losing you

still was my mind questioned me

whether it was wise hiding

the fear battled in my mind

where hiding from you was like a betrayal.


My cheeks soaked in the tears of happiness


Our feeling was tangled like our arms

Even it was dream, I could feel the warmth of your breath near my neck

my body smiled at the thought of you approaching it

I stretched my hands even in my dreams to hold you closer

I could feel the heart beat increase its rhythm

it was the excitement of returning to your arms

I know how much we longed to be in each other’s arms

the way you held me tightly in your arms

hugging me, letting me completely dissolve in your arms

My ears pressed to your chest,

where I could hear the pulsating heartbeat

It told many unspoken words of love

the stories of our missing

the feelings of our battling minds

exchanged in that hug

when you planted a kiss on my  eyes

I felt as if I was soaked in your arms

the feeling was irresistible

As I began to cry, the tears of happiness

rolling down my cheek

you kissed away my tears

and embraced me

like never letting me go away.