Uncomplicated ME


I am an open book
for those who love to read
I am a space consumer
for those who don’t need me
I am like the flower
for who needs nectar
I am like the medicine
that makes you energetic
I will be the sword
if you want me to defend someone
I will be the one you need
I am not complicated
read my eyes, you will know me
I am not complicated
read my feelings, the silence of my heart
let me be uncomplicated
let me be the softness of your soul
let me be the sweetness in your words
let me be the tenderness of your touch
do not judge me on my appearances
as it is deceiving
Am the white swan trapped in the blackness
yet my mind is clear, and it just whispers your name
listen to the rumbling​ of my heart
I just want to share the madness in my soul with you.
Let me never hide from you the true me.


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