Uncomplicated ME


I am an open book
for those who love to read
I am a space consumer
for those who don’t need me
I am like the flower
for who needs nectar
I am like the medicine
that makes you energetic
I will be the sword
if you want me to defend someone
I will be the one you need
I am not complicated
read my eyes, you will know me
I am not complicated
read my feelings, the silence of my heart
let me be uncomplicated
let me be the softness of your soul
let me be the sweetness in your words
let me be the tenderness of your touch
do not judge me on my appearances
as it is deceiving
Am the white swan trapped in the blackness
yet my mind is clear, and it just whispers your name
listen to the rumbling​ of my heart
I just want to share the madness in my soul with you.
Let me never hide from you the true me.

her tender hands touched me


The tenderness of those fingers
The soft touch of those hands
The sweet lips that implanted
many kisses on my face
the squeaky voice that whispered
“I love you”
enlightening my soul
I was enlivened by the words
her touch could do wonders to my barren mind
anger vanished
love flourished
pain vanquished
her fragrance​ kept my world perfumed
her smile infused a smile in me
she was the one I lived for
she held my hands and walked me out of all the chaos
letting the fake wall fall down
I walked away from the world I built to live in
she took me out of the fictitious world
walking beside her, the tiny hands holding me tightly
I felt for once that she was the saviour in my life
she held my hands when I felt I was loosing my mind
reviving my soul, let​ live composed.

She was finally imprinted on the rocks


He was the one who never knew
he never knew her pain
he never knew her sorrows
he was lost in his world
unknowingly losing her inch by inch
as she slid away into her own world
she became mysterious
she gained her wings from the cage
she waited for the moment she could fly away
yet little did she realised
she was shackled by the invisible chains
the moment she raised her wings and fluttered
she fell off the ground stumbling on her burdens
she felt that the shell of burdens on her was too much for her
she lay there​ buried under the values and principles
her heart echoed, yet none heard
years went by
when once her heart stopped to beat
it was silence everywhere
she never knew that she was ever existing
she became a void to everyone
she was loved, cared and nurtured
yet her roots never watered
she became submerged in the darkness of the world
the moistness of the ground kept her alive
she became old and died away one day leaving nothing but
an imprint on the rocks.