Silence spoke for them


Her eyes
It was magical
the brown eyes
looked at him
conveying untold emotions
creating a turmoil of feelings
the storms in their mind were never dying down
they attracted each other like magnets
the souls played hide and seek among the crowd
yet he never winked his eyes
fearing he might lose her for even a split seconds
the hearts beating louder like doldrums
the passion cannot die down
even feets away, she could feel the rhythm of the soul
their souls were synchronized
they were apart, yet they were bonded
their eyes met
and struck each other’s heart for a second
their body propelled energy like powerhouses
the heat waves were igniting their inner souls
the attraction was far beyond the gravity
she felt that he was pulled towards her
no other forces could keep them apart
they met each other like never before
the touch of his hand was not felt on her skin
but it touched her soul
she smiled as he neared her
they held hand in hand saying nothing
but the silence speaks for themselves.

She was the one who could heal


S​he knew that the negativity pulled her
she could find the diamond in the charcoal
she was the one, who was sharp enough to find the goodness
her eyes were choosy
she skimmed through the crowd before she chose the one
she was spotted by many, yet she knew how to be in the crowd
she contemplated less but focused more on the goodness
she never went for appearances, but for the warmth the soul gave
she was like a magnet to the true souls
she knew how to console the right ones
who needed her them most
she tendered them, cared for them
in the end, she knew she would be hurt
yet her love knew no bounds
she loved the chosen one more
even if she gets hurt the most
she was never focused​ on the outcome​
she looked for the happiness she offered them
even if the path were laid with thorns
she would walk on it and keep the chosen one happier
in the end, they leave her marooned
Yet she loved, even if it tormented her …

Those eyes followed her


She was followed everywhere
those eyes kept hunting her
That reddishness in the eyes
looked as if it was blood clotted
the pain and the fear that the eyes
could penetrate into her mind was
tough for her to tell
she kept mum
but the fear was climbing in her soul
destroying her sleep
distressing her soul
shadowing her smile
the agony was much more than she expected
still, the eyes kept following her
she decided to fight her fear
she stood right in front of those shadowed figures
never taking away the sight away
looked straight into those eyes
until it shut its eyes out of shame
she realised that she was strong enough
to let her fear go off
and face the challenges alone
she felt brave from inside and held her head high
walking away, letting those shameful eyes stranded.​