If I Know what love is, it is coz of you


Walk with me
not behind me
I can walk miles with you
even with my eyes closed
your hand is enough to guide me
as we move ahead in life
you held me safely
as if I​ was a little girl
you held me in your arms
cuddling me like a doll
even the first kiss
lingers in my mind forever
It was your soul that
rose me high from my deep sleep
you knocked down the walls I built
you washed away my fears
you sowed the seeds of love
in my barren land
you watered it and nurtured it
you changed me by loving me
you taught me to be loyal
without being hard on oneself
you taught me, how easy it is to be truthful
you taught me how love can be sacrificing
you taught me how waiting​ can repay
you made me feel the heartbeat rise when you see your love
With you, I could feel you even when you are away
you taught me what unspoken words meant
every lyric seemed to be written for us
It is true – I realised what love can magic me into.

Blanketed under you is my safest place


It was a peaceful morning
with the sea breeze tantalizing​ our soul
I sat beside you, cuddled in your arms
overlooking the sea that was roaring
splashing​ its waves on the rocks near us
the water droplets that hit the rock fell on us
You held me tightly as if protecting me from the sea
I could feel the heart beat faster, as the wave raised above
I knew you would never leave me apart and go away
the way you held me, I could feel the love that you showered on me
Your arms were the safest place I could live
The strong hands kept pressing on to me
and I could feel your breath on my neck
the rocks were cool, but I was warm with your presence
the wind was tickling me and my hair was flowing in the air
as I watched the sun doing deep into the sea
it reminded me of the times when you are deep into me
it was like the sun was in love with the sea
hiding under the blanket of the waves, the sun went to sleep
like I slip under your arms to peacefully sleep
being caressed​ in your arms is always my safest nesting place.

My wait was worth when you arrived


Memories I​ lived in
vanished away
The ones I craved to live again
abandoned my thoughts
Fresh memories were painted
with you in there filling all the colours​
life changed unexpectedly
my priorities changed
my goals changed
ur magic was crawling into me
everywhere it was just you
nothing else made me smile
more than your thoughts and presence
my soul was awakening with you
my past laid back
letting me walk away from the burdens of it
you filled my heart with the freshness
the fragrance of the flowerbed you arrange for me
welcoming you into my life was the best I did ever
I watched surprisingly how my life changed after you held my hands
the changed me was the one I ever dreamt of in life
the wish to fall in love madly forgetting everything
came true the moment I gave my heart away to you
You taught me the value of being honest in a relation
you revived my soul from downfall​ and let it live uncaged
What I have with you, I never wanted with anyone else
I couldn’t walk away​ from you, as you were the real one I waited for
I know my wait was worth when you stumbled into my life
with a reason to fall in love and to be loved.