As I watched from the cliff edge


I ran towards the edge

jumping off the cliff

flying like the birds spreading my hands up like wings

the moments I was pushed up by the air pressure

when the gravitation and the air pressure conflicted

as who should carry me further 

I opened my eyes 

viewing the beauty that was sucking me up

the wind was gushing onto my face

as I was pulled down

when gravity decided to pull me deep down 

I relaxed and let it drag me away into the earth

down was the inviting blue ocean wavering 

Like a Dolphin, I waded into the aquamarine 

the air thrust me too deep into the ocean

and the water pushed me up high

I shut my eyes

as I went deeper, and suddenly I felt my world go blank

filled in with the blue sea, my organs were floating in me

Something pulled me up ,as

as I was going down the deep dark hole of my conscience

As I opened up my eyes

it was the prettiest sight of my love

As he kissed me, I realized my world was empty without him.



I lived a Lie


The world around me was just hallucination

my mind played tricks and created delusions

creating fanciful and deceptive stories in my mind

boggling me to accept the falseness of my life

I fabricated a story of my own

where I lived in the fictitious tales

Obliterating the fact that there was something real beyond my fiction

my mind drew an invisible line distinguishing the real and unreal

pulling me with a force to live the unreal

I walked out of my dreams in the night

living again the fake life 

rekindling all the dreams to come true

the whole night seemed pleasant as if  I was showered by stardust

I could feel that I lived a life out of the canvas

the life I grooved on 

danced like a swan

and kissed like the sea kissing the sand

washed away like the shells on the shore

cherished like a pearl in the shell

Even if I knew it was lie, I lived a lie

Since I believed it was the reason for my life.