She waited by the sea


I walked by the sand 

neighboring the roaring sea

the water turned blackish from turquoise

the sea was welcoming, yet murderous

the water was not clear

I sought out myself to look at the distance

far away a boat sailing with the wind 

approaching the shore

as if it was playing and dangling in the hands of the waves

slowly approaching the land caressed by the waves

the boat harbored on the shore

out came from the boat was the one I waited for

the one who walked miles and swam across the oceans

to be mine

the waves roared and raised higher as if to witness the unification of our souls

the wait I had perished in the arms of his

the tears were washed away in the rain 

the whole universe stood up to behold the love we had treasured

we united finally at God’s will. 





The lightning struck

the lamp on the top of the castle was flaring in the wind

the burning lamp let out a light

that fell on the darkest mountain

the hill was echoing the sounds of the hounds

the lighting struck again

letting a small light fall on the grey rocks of the castle

on the small window of the castle overlooking the roaring sea

there was a girl who sat there

watching the  moon slide away among the dark clouds

as if the dirt fell on it

turning black

the thunder and lighting was brinigng in the gush of rain

the acropolis was the home to her

she sat there admiring the intriguing rain 

the silver lining around her was magical from far

she was the epitome of peace

another lightning struck and she vanished into the thin air

like a star, she dissipated into the clouds.




Adam’s Ale


She was the power 

She was the smile 

she was the reason that led him to his destiny

She could be the magic in him

She could be the life in him

She lived and nurtured

She was the force that let the life move on

She swept away the life 

She flew down like a stream

She was the life giver and the life saver

She was the droplet that adorned the leaves

She the morning mist 

She was the one who distinguished the life

She is the quench to thirst

she is the one that pours down

she is the one that flows down

She is the river that contains the life so beautiful

She is the waves that the kids play with

she is the sea that kisses the land. 

You are the reason that morning smiles at me :)#


You are the reason that morning smiles at me

You are the reason that night sky seems so bright and shiny

You sublimate my soul making it enliven

I was a corpse until you met 

you ignited my soul 

and I came to life

you gave me a reason to live

you ornated my soul and beautified it

everything seemed to be lit up and glorified around me

you are like moonlight that paved my dark paths into the brightened ones

every locked door seemed to be opening up for me with you

you cleanse my thoughts and my deeds

my heart yearned for you 

since I realized ” I loved you the most”.