She was ignored…



She was  near

she was everywhere

she did all,

she cared,

she sacrificed,

she was on fire,

she gave away herself,

the world ignored her, for everything she did

she felt being forgotten

she felt she never existed

until one day she let herself blowout

she was gone…..forever

she was never appreciated

no kind words showered on

no glance of heartfulness filled the gaps of their smile

yet when she left

she left a void

a void that could not be filled

the  void that left a scar on everyone’s heart

she walked away in silence

causing a stir of silence in the world that ignored her

her loudest cry just echoed there in the minds that left unheard

her silence brought in her memory

the haunting memory of being ignored.




She smiled ….



Walking down the hallway

smiling and giggling

she couldn’t stop her smiles

she couldn’t control her feelings

she held her hands clasp herself

as if she was embraced

she smiled endlessly

her eyes said thousands of stories

she let herself free of thoughts

unaware of the people around her

she smiled…and smiled

she felt butterflies in her stomach

she could see only him everywhere

his words echoing in her ears as she walked

as if the wind was whispering the words in her ears

his words ” Do you want to live with me suffering all the madness in me? “.


Death- a walk away



Lying there cold and frozen

the body unmovable and unshaken

the stiffness that causes the hearts to melt

the eyes don’t cry nor the lips smile

it is all idle

no force could awaken the spirits

the heat of the fire never burns

the coldness never crumble the soul

the soul ignites the body and liberates itself from it

witnessing all the ones who loves you and hates you

walking away from the mortal one to an immortal one

When life uninvites you and death calls you

the gravity is unavoidable

pain is no more in the body but the soul

the gravity of death pulls you away from the loved ones

to a world unknown

to be reborn again under a different identity

washing away all the memories of the past

leaving no mark of existence ever.


The Glass Wall



You became

You became what I wanted

You became what I wish

You lived like I wanted

You are whatever I ever wanted

Your smile beckons me

You let your hands straight out to take me into your life

I extended my hands

yet they never reached

we were near but unable to hold

I looked, as you looked

we could hear each other

there was a glass wall

between us.. keeping us apart

I wish I could break it

conquer my fears

be yours

I could feel the burns of the desire in you

yet later I realized we were chained

chained to the conventionalities

letting you go was excruciating

I still lingered on the walls

still hoping to find a rupture..

to grab you and hold on to you.



You came like a drop into the water


The magic of you in my life

changed every second of my life

with you i felt my hear beat

your touch caused ripples in me

like a drop in the water

let me unbolt the locks

let the breeze in through the door

i want to feel the air suck up my soul like you take me in

your smile wakes up my sleepy soul

your touch awakens my power

you change my world

making the miserable life of mine to a desired one

you grown over me like a moss on the stone adding a beauty to my life

you cause stir in the silent valley of my heart

letting in the flowers bloom in the fertile land that lay deserted

let me burn into you ,  becoming one..