I became his soulmate


Weeping all night, my eyes were red

all I could think of was to die

yet something stopped me from it

I knew I had a purpose to fulfill

I decided to live — live for others

everything around me was just monotonous

nothing seemed to bloom around

one day, as My heart prompted that it existed by sounding loud

I realized that I was still alive

it was sudden, a brightness appeared in my life

his smile changed me

his eyes made me feel beautiful

his touch made me human

and all I felt was the purest love

he cupped my face in his hands holding me close to himself

the love was precedently something I could never gain in my life

the whole me was changed, it was not me then

I became what he always wanted

his mate – his soul mate.

he was the honey to the sweetness in me


All this distance was killing

All I could see was him

even if I kept my eyes open or close

all I could feel was the warmth of his breath on my neck

the ticklish touch that drives me crazy was taking my breath away

the more I longed, the more my heart yearned for his presence

everything about him was striking

all I could recollect was the way he looked at my eyes

the way he said how much my eyes melted his soul

I wondered how a gem like him was hidden away from me

he brightened my life and polished me like a diamond

with him, everything seemed to go right

he set my path and lit me in the right direction

and all I did was to love him deeply

his love was something that I missed in my life

as he held my hands close to his heart … I could feel I was alive

he kept my heart beat longer in synch with his

his one look was enough to bloom me

and all I could feel was his touch..the warmth of his body against mine

the loneliness killed our souls but it strengthened our life

to be with each other for long-term battling all the pains in life

his hands held me up

As we walked through the stormy life to our destination

the one we chose for ourselves.



Her little naughty eyes were closed

she walked holding something in her hand

All I could do was smile, at her innocense

holding the mobile in her hands, she walked past me

all she thought was that closing her eyes would hide all her naughtiness

little did she knew that it was just she, who was blindfold

all other’s eyes were open

she smiled as she walked by

We too smiled and instead of scolding her

in playing with the mobile, all we did was laugh out loudly

her chastity hid all her mistakes and gifted a smile on our grumpy faces

It was quite surprising at how she could melt our stubborn hearts

in just a smile

a smile that is worth beyond millions

All I wished was that she stayed as such with lots of impeccability and blessings.

As I walked leaving my footprints


Standing on the wet sand soaked by the sea

I looked at the sky which was kissing the sea in the horizon

All I could see was three four boats that were floating on the waves of the sea

as if, they were some toys kept on the wavering surface.

the ripples were higher, and the sea came kissing the land

I moved away as the waves shattered itself on to the sand

leaving behind some shells as footprints

the saltiness that the waves brought to me remained on my lips

it was as if the waves kissed me and went away

as I soaked in the waves the sand covered on me clung on to my dress

I stood there soaking myself and watching the elegant sunset

the dark reddish orange ball immersed into the clouds as if it were hiding.

I raised my hands inviting the wind to embrace me in their arms

the feel of the wind gushing and passing through my body was intriguing

I stood there for a while until I stopped dripping the salty water

by the sea, I walked down the beach line with my feet immersed in the sand

marking my footprints on those wet sand

watching everything drift away into the darkness into the deep sleep as the nightfall began.

As everything turned dark, I closed my eyes and submerged into the darkness

sleeping tight in the hope of awakening into a bright daylight.