As I lay there on the grass beside him


I lay there awake

awaiting the mist to move away from my eyes

as I opened up my eyes

it was the clear sky above me

and holding my hand he lay there

I could feel the freshness of the dew drops on my skin

the feel of the wind caressing my face

the wind was brushing my nose

yet the warmness of his hand was enough to console me

the trees smiled at us, the birds winked at us

we lay there for hours gazing the amazing nature

I could hear the heartbeat as I lay on his chest

feeling the love that was treasured for me

the love that awakens my soul

the passion in me is provoked by him

All I knew was the love that flowed from his heart

the never ending anymore in our souls

quenched the lust in our mortal part.

I walked away for good


I was surprised to realize I was all wide awake

Was it really me?

My soul questioned myself

the one in me who was in love with the bed

was totally awake in it

the strange feelings rumbling in me heart

wasn’t letting me sleep though

I closed my eyes, yet the sleep turned a deaf ear to me

I felt odd, as it was the happiest as well as the saddest moment in my life

the feeling was perplexing my emotions

playing with my tiring soul

yet my eyes were betraying my heart

sleep deprivation was turning on unwanted dreams and worries in me

as I closed my eyes, I knew why was upset

the thought of leaving them and going away was emotionally eating me up

Yet, It was their dream come true

still, my heart was fully not ready to accept the happy part

the happy and the sad part battled with each other

giving some underlying facts to support each one

finally, my eyes could not cheat

and it shut down the complete process of discussion

In the morning as I got ready for the day

I looked in the mirror, there was no tiredness

it was just a sadness to leave them

yet mixed with happiness to see their happy faces

I put up a smile on my face

portraying a shy figure out of the cocoon

and decided to fly away from them.

that is destiny, yet I knew I would be back

as my cocoon was my home

I walked towards the new life

not knowing where it was leading me to

yet seeing my loved ones smile

I decided to move along the tide

And finally be flown away to far off places.

The magic of love

The magic begins, when you are with me

the magic of love, when you touch me

the way you behold me in your arms

igniting the very inner senses in my body

the warmth of your soul

that heats up my mortal part

my body seemed to move along with yours

it is like the movement is not in my control

as you were immersed in me

all I could see was your eyes

the ones that told me multiple times

how much you loved me

the more your lips held mine

I knew how much we missed each other

I realized how meandering was our separation

I wished as you wished every second of my life was with you

forever was a word beyond our life

I wished we could be bonded for all the lives coming in for us

the more I was away from you, I realized how empty my life is..

my soul lust after yours…..beyond infinity.

Last piece of hope


I sat in dismay

wondering what made me fail

the failure hit my heart like a bomb

destroying the peacefulness in my life

everything shattered into pieces

which I tried to pick and join

yet everything mismatched

the whole things seemed misplaced

thinking deeply I found what ruined me

trust played a vital role in breaking myself

yet courage was my power to rise

I decided to hold on to the last piece of hope

that shined across, to climb up the hole

the deep hole where I fell into following the unknown

the known played with my heart

molded into something I never ever imagined

the scars became the chains to bound my heart

to never follow the unknown

I learned that life wasn’t easier

yet I created a new me to follow my passion.

the passion that led me to my success

the new life I drew for myself was my dreamland

the land that flourished my dreams.

my soul got its wings to fly into the world of me.