Wandering in the woods


Walking by the woods

gazing the morning sky

whose blueness was hiding among the greenish shades of trees

playing hide and seek with the sun, the leaves moved with the tantalizing wind

Nature was at its best

all I could do was wander away into the deepest forest

forgetting myself in the woods and be absorbed in the shadows of the trees

listening to the sweet murmuring of the winds and the chirping of the birds

I wished to be swallowed into the deep jungles

far off, in the end, all I could hear was the crackling river

the sound of the waterfall just drew me closer to the interiors

like the bee to the flower to quench the thirst, I ran towards the side

drawing closer to the sounds, I moved further more

to my surprise the beauty that awaited me was spellbound

I stood there on the banks of the river overlooking a vast land of green pastures

for a split second, I just stood amazed

as a bird learning to fly, I plunged myself into the river

like a fish, I swam through the coolest water

purifying my soul and refreshing my soul

I swam for a while and climbed back to the grass

I sat there skimming through the beauty of nature.

I just wished to be lost in the beauty of this wilderness.

Vanquishing my loneliness


Vague and void is the surrounding

nothing is clear and customary

straining my eyes, nothing seemed to be apparent

yet I kept gazing out of the window

all I could sense was you

I wondered why my mind was boggling me

the whole world seemed to be bewildering me

I speculated my mind, yet my heart whispered

” It just love my dear”

nothing could calm my heart other than one thing

my eyes frisked through the crowds just for him

Yet, nothing was visible

the affliction in my heart was unexplainable

still, it suffered in silence not even dripping a sign of tears

as I was about to be absorbed in the torment due to hollowness in my heart

he appeared from nowhere

to quench the thirst for love

vanquishing the loneliness in my soul

I relaxed in his arms and as I drifted into the sleep of peacefulness

all I could see was the love in his eyes for me

I slid myself into the sleep

a deep sleep of secureness.