My reflection in the mirror


Evil in me opened up

as I looked at the mirror

it was just a reflection of me in the mirror

but was it just me?

no, it wasn’t me

It was a wild woman in disguise

I was not the one in the mirror

I knew I was never beautiful and attractive like the one in the mirror

the woman in the mirror had the enchanting eyes

she could seduce anyone

It wasn’t me

where am I hidden in the mirror

I checked twice

but to my surprise

I could never find myself

the old me, who was hidden underneath the clean image

the reflection in the mirror was a woman who was like a vixen

who was killing the soul in me

the real me want to run and escape but it was near impossible

but the wild soul in her had thousands of wounds to hide

none in the world has seen her tears and her agony

it was me, who knew it

I knew the reasons for her to be what she has become now

she became the rock, that never gathered any lichen

the wildness in her was seen in the eyes

even if I tried to die down the fire, it never let go

the fire could burn thousands yet she remained silent

her silence was the smile she wore on her lips

she could fight a war all alone, as the fighter in her could survive

I kneeled down but she stood right across me

and pulled me up and let me hold my head high up

to never let me fail

she gathered my courage and together we walked away into the world.

17 thoughts on “My reflection in the mirror

  1. Whether it’s a self reflection or you are laying down your thoughts into the typed words the emotions remain unchanged. You have a quality of self-describing… The portraying of negatives and positives in yourself was exceptional.

    Don’t know what happened I am so engrossed in the emotions that you have laid down in your poems.

    Well done Sreepriya.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much.. Am glad you are enjoying it.. I just write what my thoughts reflects in my heart.. and I love to write on emotions.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Actually I don’t write poetry but my comfort zone is emotions… And I can describe emotions as you are doing through your poems… Probably that’s the reason why I am so engrossed… I am following you for a longtime but never get a time to check on your write ups.


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