He could sense the feeling of being hers


He smiled all along as they spoke

he blushed whenever she kissed him

their affection was visible

the way she held his hands while talking

giggling her way through the pathways

she was inclined to him always

he could feel the love she had in her eyes

the way she moved around him like a satellite

moving around like the attracting poles of magnets

being around with him made her happier

he knew she was the one born for him

he looked at her with as much admiration and love

as if god had created a unique piece just for him

he played with her long hair

he loved to cuddle her all the time

he wanted to be with her in her arms every second of his life

going away was the painful part for him

the whole day at work

he never missed a chance to listen to her voice

he knew the eagerness with which she waited for him to call

her voice was a melody for him, which he could listen evermore

she waited for him to be home

he knew she would wait even if he tells her not to

as she knows how much happier he would be to see her waiting

love was undefined in terms of their affection

he could never see her in sorrow

she held him closely as he comes home

the words ” I love you” uttered as many times

just doubled the count of their fondness.

Best friends forever


In the crowded classroom, you made me feel like am at home

the unfamiliarity that was creeping in me

your smile crushed and put it away

the way you took me into your life

everything changed for me

the one I was with you, was different from the way I am

you and I were different in many ways

yet the same

even though I cannot be you, I wished at least once I was you

we were together from the day we met, till now

nothing has ever changed even if are apart

we talked for years together

we never talked much for years

yet we are the best friends

I always need you by my side

in all the good and the bad

as you stood with me till now

Ooo my bestie, you are forever my best friend

count me in any time you need me

I will be beside you as you were with me

I count myself to be fortunate to have you by my side

the way you trust me and behold me even in crisis 

gives me the strength to let go many things that are unwanted

Indeed having a friend like you is a true blessing in life

a lonely life is worse than death

we can lay under the stars talking a lot

even after years staying apart as if nothing has changed

the teenagers in us will never fall apart

our friendship will never fade away.

Lovely Blog Award – Thank you :)


Dear Bloggers,

Thank you for this recognition. Am glad that I have been nominated for the same. I would like to Thank Malini for the nomination, here’s the link to her blog.


First of all, to say about Malini, she has a beautiful blog, which is filled with yummiest food recipes and many other kinds of stuff that are sure to interest everyone.

Facts About me

  • I love to blog
  • I write from my heart so it is filled with emotions.
  • I love my kids a lot, who are my inspiration
  • I have to be a wanderer in the case of discovering my passion, finally landed up here
  • Writing has completely changed my life and the attitude towards things
  • I love everything related to love and friendship

Here are my nominees for the Lovely Blog Award

  1. Geetha Pradeep – Food for thought
  2. Chiradeep – Candles online
  3. Christopher Bland
  4. Roy
  5. Vaibhav Verma
  6. Violets vegan comics 
  7. Transcribing memory        

Rules for the award are:

  • Thank the person who nominated you and leaves a link to their blog, Post about the award.
  • Share 6 facts about yourself.
  • Nominate, other people.
  • Tell your nominees the good news!

Thank you all , for the great support you all have bestowed upon me. Keep reading and sharing my posts and your opinions.



Debt of love


Wrinkles on her face was the

lines that came through her tough times

the weary eyes were the ones that had seen thousands of dreams become true and shattered

the strong hands that could still hold the walking stick had helped many to walk around

the silver hair is the once which came along as the wisdom grew with age

the weary legs had walked miles to fulfill many dreams

yet the eyes now has a long wait

a long pause that is undefined

the heat yearning for attentions

the hands eagerly waiting to hold a hand to walk

the lips waiting to open up and speak

the eyes are always focussed on the roads that led to the window

the old eyes sat there waiting for the sunshine to appear

the sunshine she waited for years to come ever since she came there

the love and the warmth she is longing for

the care the old ones gave when their children were young

it was the time to let them repay their debt

the debt of love

the debt that no money can repay ever

the old hands were abandoned, yet they never cursed the young ones

their blessings showered all along

yet the young ones never realized the power of their love

the lost love, that never came to existence for them.