Your love held me in the enchanting nights


Love for darkness was never ending

I always admired the darkness

the vagueness of the surrounding

the far off streetlights that gave a shadowing light

the beautiful fireflies that lit up my place

it flies around in my garden as if lighting up my way

the whole night invites me to step out of my comfort zone

and walk away into the dark pavements

the unseen paths, that hid many surprises

the danger was not the factor that pulled me back

it was only you that pulled me away from falling into the black hole

the attraction of black was indefinite

I could never control myself from walking away

Yet, your love held me strongly

your hands never let me go away

it held me so tightly

that even if I tried to run off

it would take me in complete control

even though I never stepped out

you let me admire the beauty of the darkness

the beauty that was profound

the impeccable nature in the twilight overwhelmed me

I love my surroundings more in the night

the howling of the owls

the chitter chatter of the grasshoppers

the silence of the night

the enchantment was always magical

with you around me, cuddling me in your arms

I could gaze the stars all night …

the way you held me in your arms

the whole world became a night garden to me

lit up with billions of stars surrounding us

showering all the blessings on us

let our love live forever….

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