Being with him..forever


I lay there dreaming in his arms

as the fine morning welcomed us

I walked out of the bed

while he held my hands tightly

he never wanted to leave me

I smiled and moved away

As I cooked, he came closer to me

watching me work

his eyes laid over me

and his hands warming up my arms

as I poured the tea, he slowly moved away

standing up near the walls, waiting for me

he sipped the hot fuming tea and looked at me

being his wife, was the dream to me–I realized

as I took a sip from his cup

I loosened myself into his arms

his smile was the infectious one

it could make my heart jump out and dance

he was the one, I was proud of

his heart was the one I longed for

his arms are the ones that provided warmth to me

with him, my life was the fullest

life was filled with love

his absence made me cry

my life was the only thing, I could give him

as my gift forever…

As he treasured my heart undamaged…

cuddlign with him..I wanted to grow old.

Silver-haired woman


She walked close by

checking her closely

she touched her hands

it was different unlike other skins she touched

the skin had so many wrinkles, yet soft

she loved to watch her move around

her silver hairs were her major attraction

she caressed the silver lines tenderly

she popped on the bed, to get a closer look

she was received with a smile

from the old face

she got down from the bed,

and played with her stick

talking to her endlessly for hours

yet she never knew that none of her words could reach her ears

she lingered around her, playing and smiling at her

she smiled at her glimpse

and enjoyed being her great-grandchild.