Enliven by him..


Green grass attracts me

the dew drops on them

is like water beads on the green threads

As I keep my foot on the grass

the droplets are tickling my sole

the green leaves and the shady trees that waves in the wind

is like breezing my soul

I could feel the brush of the wind past my skin

I could feel the whispering of the leaves

as if they were gossiping about the place

the flowers around me giggled as if they were smiling at me

I flashed a smile at them, waiting for the one I wanted to see

As I overlooked from the bunch of flowers

there he walked in

with a smile

that even brightened up the whole place

he not only electrified my soul

but also everything around me

the whole place lit up like the awakening sun in the early morning

the brightest color that entices the whole world

he was like the sun to me

whose warmth was the reason that I bloomed

the thirst for his presence was prodigious that at a time I wished I was just a part of him

rather than being away from him

his presence made me alive and thrive

he was like the nectar of the flower

like the nature awakened to the dawn

I was enlivened by him.

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