A riddle in me


I want to hide away like the moon in the clouds

I wanted to be hidden forever like the stars in the sunlight

the real me was seen by none

I was obscured in the world around me

I wanted to share my secrets

I wanted to portray the real me to the world

I was hidden for the goodness of all

My soul was trapped in the fake me

the pain in me was disguised by my smile

the scars in me were stashed by the skin

my dreams were shattered and buried deep down in me

My eyes never dropped a tear

Since I knew my tears were the victory for others

I smiled even with my pain

My strength is my power to withstand

I could walk on the fire and be pricked by thorns

No pain could stop me…to lead and bounce back from any situation

I can cry all night and smile the next day, even with my tired eyes

The woman in me has deceptive eyes

I wish to bury my secrets in my grave

As my secrets can be a dagger to others

My eyes has thousands of stories to say

yet I wish to kee my eyes shut

never to propel the truths that hurt

The mystery in me should be unsolved until my death

I want to live as a riddle and die as an enigma.

I walked away to build my dream


I walked on the lonely road

walking by the road

not knowing where it led me to

still walking with my head held high

shutting ears to the murmurs of the world around me

I decided to walk away from all the negativities

hence there was no looking back

I held my heart in my hands holding it tightly

so that it never wept

the world might judge me and condemn me

but my craving for freedom will lead me to the world

where am respected equally

I wanted to be one among the crowd

rather than being a spectator

the will in me rose me up high, to walk out of the four walls that encapsulated me

the desire to be independent

to be desired and loved

to earn a space in the crowd

or stand out in the crowd

I have to gather all my courage and walk away

it took me years to realize what my dream was

it took me months to understand what was best for me

it took a second to walk away from my dreams

yet I decided to build my dream

my dreams were shattered when I decided to give up

You built me a door that opened up my trust to win over my fears

conquering my fears with you beside me was easiest

even when I decided to walk away you held my hands to my destiny

your love and trust let me be “JUST ME” and not live in your shadow

you realized my strengths and let me grow

your love made me unstoppable

With you, beside me, I can conquer the hearts and win a place.

He held her in his heart


His eyes were filled with tears

His heart was pumping hard

He held her arms tightly

as her eyes were deeply looking into his

he tried to hold her towards him closely

but even as he tried, she was hurting herself

he couldn’t see her in pain

all he wanted was her happiness

Yet, as she fell into thorns, he held her tightly

his eyes trying to betray his heart to not let her go

he slowly closed his eyes, conveying to her that it is time to let go

she helplessly, let her hands off the thorns she held

loosening herself into his arms

finally, the pain they were afraid to embrace was not existing at all

all she felt was the joy of being in him

he squeezed her in his arms

dismissing everything for a second

his tears ran down his cheeks to her lips

he brushed his lips on her’s

caressing her in his arms

they snuggled

and the universe rejoiced their union

as she began to cry out of joy

he fondly held her cheeks and nibbled it

She smiled shyly and hid in his arms

All they did was love and forgetĀ themselves in the world who separated them.