The moment he left ….she was lost


Her wait has begun

the moment he leaves …she waits for the next time

the time to be with him

her eyes lay on the path, where he walks to her

her moments are captured by the wandering thoughts

she craves for his presence

the winds carry the messages to him

the world conveys the wait she does

even if her eyes drift away from the path, overlooking the nature

wondering whether he knows that she is waiting

like a nomad, he moves, yet she knew that he would be with her one day

the fragrance of his presence still lingers around her body

her raging thoughts were untamed and disengaged

she felt as if her mind was nomadic

several came to conquer her mind

yet none could replace him

her eyes told the unbound love she had for him

she lay armed with her thoughts, never letting the horizon slid away from her vision

She chained her heart to never let any emotions drive away

She was deadlier than any weapon

her war was with the time

her war was with the promise that will be shattered

yet he kept his promise.

after the long wait….

he arrived for her

she knew her love was strong enough to hold him back

he embraced her

bewildered by the endurance she possessed

all her pain vanquished as he held her in his arms

Her wait dissipated …

The wildest

Fog Face Mood Bud Sad Atmosphere Woman

She was the wildest of all

Her eyes had the power of thousands of spells

Her lips were the sweetest

As she spoke her wildest emotions

her eyes sparkled and her lips spread a smile

her smile was the infectious one

her eyes could poison the one on the other side

her hair could tangle the emotions of the other

as she let her hair loose… the world circumferenced her

she floated like the rhythm of her heart

the rhythm was in sync with the waves of the sea

her eyes infected the ones who locked in her vision

she could melt one’s heart and break too

She grew wild among the roses

like a flower that could poison others

She remained rooted, yet dreamt of the sky

the sky was her limit

even when she remained rooted,

as the flower craved for the sun

she shun away the shyness and shredded her roots

bending away from the shadows to the light that attracted her

she grew, blooming flowers that attracted the most

her glory was a lesson to all who remained hidden away

Being wild and strong was her sin, for those who fell in love with the shadow

She escaped the mediocrity and lived the eccentric life

Fulfilling her dreams

She stood up, for herself even among the thorns and lived until

her last breath….

I miss our girl time….


As I dug up my memories

all that was camouflaged with thousands of fresh memories

you came back into existence in my mind

my best friends…who were with me through my thick and thin

the times when we held our hands walking in the rain

through the campus, which built our dreams

the fond memories that would never wash away from my heart

the campus that we fell in love with

the campus that we shared our deepest moments

the campus where our friendship bloomed

I wish I could still be the same old girl, who could walk around with you

Even when we are nearby, I have lost the old you in you

the girl, who could spend hours with me

listening to every nonsense I uttered

I miss you my friend, my companion

I miss our chit chats …our lost young days

I do realise that we are bonded by the realities of life

yet, I crave for the moment to be with you

and live again that life, which I long for

the times when we happily drenched in the rains

the times when we shared your tiffins, to suppress my hunger

the times that we ran off the classes to find our girls time

I miss you, my dear friend

I wish I could recreate the moments again…

and be those young girls who could just wander as free birds.