Silence ….is the reason for my survival


You were the reason I lived

I knew what loneliness meant when you were away from me

You ignited my soul

You became the motive of my mere existence

You embellished my enlightenment

I felt the emptiness in me when the expectations died down

I could wait for you for infinite time

if you could promise me the life I yearned

It was the need for you that fueled my whole being

the void did not vanish unless you remained with me

even when I loved the depth of the  black

I felt suffocated in the darkness

I never thought that being away from you was a torture 

until I realized that I cannot hold you in my arms as i wished

I felt like the whole world wanted to take away my happiness for a second

Every second away from you became hours of pain

Insanity has caught my mind, that even a second, thinking of not being with you was killing me

I wished to cry out, but the shackles in my heart would never let me cry

I silenced the pain in the darkness comforting my soul

convincing that you can never be away from me

even if I knew the truth… blind heart

couldn’t live the pain…

this pain I could outlive, with a promise that you are with me

I slept holding on to my pillow, throwing away all the consumed thought about you being by my side

silently swimming through my tears into a deep sleep

With the longing that I would see you as I open my eyes

The tears were my strength to withstand the time away from you …

Silence was the power that let me survive all along…

His wait for true love …


All he wanted was her

in his dreams, in his life, and in his arms

she did not betray him

she did not walk away from him

she was his dream, the dream he always wanted to live for

Yet, the pain was more than he could bare

little did he realize that life was playing a game with him

losing her even when they could unite was irritating him to the core

he still has her, yet she was far beyond his reach

it was like, he knew she was just his, yet she cannot be

the agony was more than betrayal

the helplessness killed him inside every moment

the moment he sees her, he held her closer to him, as if he has never lost her

the time they shared were the most memorable ones

the life he wished to live with her remained a dream

even in pain, he loved her the most

their love was unique, he knew that

all he could do was- love her

which he did to the core of his heart

their mere existence was to love each other

he knew he cannot be with her, yet he knew she cannot be anyone else’s .

their love was magical, yet a utopian tale for others

he felt being the luckiest man when she comforted him with much pleasure and joy

he felt she was the one made for him

he wanted to share his life with her

he wanted to fall into sleep on her lap

he wanted to look in her eyes and dream a life together

he wanted her shoulder to cry on

he wanted her hands to caress his soul

he wanted her to be his wife and walk along with him in every hurdle

Yet, the game, the universe played with them was unfair

still, he felt, that his deep wait was answered with her arrival in his life

he knew they detoured from their  souls once,  yet they were never lost 

as they united 

He thanked for every moment he was with her and loved her to the core

his heart could bear …