Their eyes met….in silence


It was her first day of college

she was shy, confused

she kept her eyes to the ground and walked to her class

her hair was untied and loosened floating in the air around her

dancing with the whispering wind

She went surpassing all the seniors to her class

her heart was beating profusely as she was approaching her class

It was a new place, new people

she sat at the edge of the bench, watching her classmates entering

all vague faces around her, only a few she had seen during the induction

suddenly her eyes feel on a person who was sitting on the bench, two benches away from her on the other edge

she sat keeping her head bend down, yet her eyes trying to focus on him

she smiled when their eyes met, and he smiled too

their eyes met silently and her heart felt like a blooming flower

his smile was infectious, that her face brightened up

she felt her nervousness had shattered away

their eyes played hide and seek

but were like magnets, kept on attracting each other

he slowly walked to her, and rested his hands on the desk and looked into her eyes

he asked in a husky voice ” What’s your name? “

and She smiled.

She was chained …


The busy roads

Vehicles running past here and there

everyone busy in mobiles or reading newspapers

the world around her was revolving faster

faster than her heart beat

every second flashed through

the time was ticking quickly

she wanted to hold a second in her hand

and sweep through every microsecond in it

living through the moments

she wished she could live every second with him

looking into his eyes, feeling his warmth

forget the rushing world around them

just them in the whole world

where they could love and be one again

none has time, even when they can find time

she battled among the loneliness and the crowded world

emotions caused a huge shadow where she resisted herself to be one among the crowd

she was all alone, even when thousands were holding her hands

she thought it was her inner self, pulling her away from everything around her

she smiled hiding her tears, battling with the tears rolling out of her eyes

the feelings were crushed under the feets of others

who knew her, but never realized her dreams

she dreamt of running away throwing away all the shackles of emotions

but the chains were stronger, that it wounded her soul, more than her body

the wounds never healed, it bled and bled enough that she forgot the pain

as her body was lost in the space

She looked out of the window for the hope

a hope that let her live the afflictions

the agony of being alive till the hope arrives one day to revive her

her soul waited for the moment to liberate from her tortured mortal

she stayed up all along with contemplation.