I miss you


The plight of missing is the aftereffect of being in love

Wait becomes more painful

Patience becomes the virtue

The words ” I miss you” keeps murmuring in every thought until the souls meet

the dreams becomes the painful truth

the wait becomes a joy too at times

the excitement of being together for even a moment was a profound joy

the joy that had a countless pleasure

She cold drive him crazier

Her eyes spoke thousands of hidden emotions

the magic of the hugs and smiles

the aroma of his presence that could be maddening

the magnetism in the air that keep their souls attracted to each other like opposite poles

the gravitational pull, that is uncontrollable

Yet, the wait made it possible for them to live through the moments

the wait was their call to the patience

yet they could fight it with lots of love

the wait is never over…..

the more they loved, the wait increased ………..

more and more ….bonding them forever again…….