To the strong women, I know


She has love and kindness in her eye

She can suffer the pain in silence

She can be a rebel too

She can be the sweetest honey

She can be bitter too

She can be a goddess and devil

She can be molded into whatever you want her to be

She was a nurtured from you, she was born from you

She is the strength as well as the weakness in you

She is the warmth and the coldest fear that will hurt you

She has the power to do everything that is unimaginable to you

Yet she is the most fragile at times, soft as a flower petal

She can be the home to you, She can even be the home away from you

She can be what you wanted her to be and the most you wanted too

The strength in her body is not judged by her appearance, but her heart which she carried

Awakening her from her deep sleep, she can fly away and even reborn like a phoenix from the ashes

her power is her soul

caress her, love her, respect her, be with her, hold her close to you not beneath you.

There is no moon without sun, both are an integral part to sustain life on earth

the same way there is no man without a woman, and neither a woman without a man.

The faster everyone realizes and respect each other, the world would be the better place to live.


Happy Women’s Day to all the strong women in the world !!



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