She waited all the while …..


Her eyes were on the path leading to her home

her eyes were waiting for him

the wait was killing her

it was getting darker outside

the clouds turned all dark, overshadowing her surroundings

blanketing a layer on to the beauty of nature

the only place that was lit up was where she stood

she looked far beyond the street lights where she could spot him

her eyes were drowsy, but still, the eagerness to be near him always lit up her face

the wait was dragging and killing yet she waited

Then, suddenly her eyes were bright

her pupils widened at the sight of him walking towards her

She felt the weariness in his face, yet upon seeing her, he too smiled

it seemed like he was freshened up with her presence

he smiled and she ran towards him, hugging him tightly

even though his body was all tired, he held her so close and tightly without a gap in them

she felt that she was the happiest wife in the whole world

she held his hand..walked under the bright light of the moon, that lit their path to home

this was a routine, yet she enjoyed the wait, even though it was the most killing part.

she felt at times, the clock never moved, and

while she was with him, she felt the time was running away from her hand

time played a crucial role in her life

yet her love overpowered all those difficulties.

she could wait for ages for him ..for love.