Her soul flew away while she was tangled in the thorns


The wind was gushing in..

she ran towards him

she seemed near to him, yet she was not reaching there

she stumbled over a rock and fell down

she was grabbed by the thorns

the creepers began crawling up her body

hurting her every inch

yet she closed her eyes and controlled her tears

she wept, yet her tears never rolled down

she looked far into the infinity where her destination awaited

the thorns were deeply cutting her inside

she knew how to suffer pain, she lay there like a dead soul

letting her soul fly away to him

and slowly the thorns untangled her

she released herself and ran to him

the one she waited for all life

as she reached, her tears rolled down her eyes uncontrollably

she didn’t know what was happening

she has traversed these roads multiple times

yet she never felt this much pain in all these years

As she reached her safe place, in his arms, she wept and he cared her wounds

his arms gave her the comfort and the safety she was yearning for

she lay there feeling the heartbeat, the love that was flowing out of his heart

caressing her soul, that was making her fall in love again.


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