An awesome​ trip to the wilderness of Wayanad


Driving through the meadows and the tantalizing mother nature, a holiday indeed to be cherished.

The roads were like winding ones, up to the hill, the road was mist covered and the mist floated up on the sprawling tea plantations. The journey was a pleasure trip with family. Last vacation, finally we decided to take up a trip different from the normal trips we take up home. This was just the four of the us-my family.

A trip to the green lands of Wayanad – the wilderness inviting us into their lap.

We started at early morning, just to keep ourselves freshen up for the whole day, morning are the best time to start a journey, packed a few snacks to keep munching on the way. We were traveling to Wayanad via Mysore and Gundelpet. The sun was scorching high up in the sky, the heat was medium, yet the journey was good. We passed through a forest area to reach Kerala border.

Throughout the journey, as usual, i was dealing with fights inside the car(my kids), and battling with them to catch the glimpse of the outside world, which was quite impossible at times. The journey inside the forest road was good, though, as we passed some dried up forests in the Karnataka state, entering Kerala was like heaven. The lush greenery and the abundant moisture in the air were welcoming.

I felt proud of my state, the lusciousness was awesome and inviting. I felt like just fly out of my car and explore the forests, luckily the doors were locked (;)). On the way spotted Muthanga wild life sanctuary, being afternoon time, it seemed empty place. The sun was high up, we drove past the overwhelming beauty of the mother nature. I was surprised to houses and shops amidst these forest areas, wondered how they managed in here, as for me even a Dog is scary, don’t know how would I deal with lion, tiger and wild elephants.

After crossing the forest, we were moving towards Sultan Bathery, an indeed awesome place to see. Since we had already planned and booked our stay at Wayanad, we thought to just quench out hunger here. Had awesome Biriyani’s from there and moved on to our destination. The journey from Sultan Bathery to Lakkidi was indeed memorable. Spotted many tea gardens, busy streets, coffee plantations etc.

As we reach Vythiri Greens, the place where we stayed, we were tired but the welcoming staff and the ambiance of the place were truly refreshing. It was the first time for me, hence I was enjoying it thoroughly. The place was beautifully kept since we arrived on the week past Christmas, there was still a crib, some stars decorated there. The rooms were pretty good, felt like being at home.


On the same evening, we thought to get a glimpse of Wayanad and took our car to visit Lakkidi. In spite of reading and writing a lot about the place, the excitement was at its highest in me. AS we moved a few kilometers, we could see people gathered around watching the space, we too parked and joined the tribe. Wow !!!! love at first sight, the view was impeccable…. the mist covered roads, the sun setting down and creating an impeccable beauty. The winding roads were indeed the best I have ever seen. My camera never stopped clicking, actually, I felt it was not enough to capture the beauty.

To my surprise, my husband said he just wanted to drive down, and we all jumped in with excitement. The hairpin curves was indeed an experience. We covered almost 7 hairpin curves down the road and then returned. The night was impeccable.

After returning to our resort, we enjoyed a bonfire and barbecue and a delicious dinner. Sleep time was early, even though the night was calling, my body was not letting me, hence we slept.

The morning I heard the ducks in the duck pond near us quacking. As we opened and checked the door, the dew filled mornings was just awesome. I thought to just get out of the room as everyone was sleeping, but the cold winds were making me shiver, I took my jacket and wore it, luckily like a messiah a room boy was just passing, I asked him to get me a tea. Having a tea, in the cold winter morning is the best, especially when you don’t have to make it. 😉

Again the whole day was roaming around, but the most important part of our journey was at every point, we stopped the car and went on clicking photos all the way.I was cherishing the beauty spread across the mother nature, the tantalizing nature, the bewitching valleys….I actually felt the words were quite less to describe the beauty.

The Banasura Dam, the Kuruvadweep everything had its own special beauty to watch for. The calm lakes, the frothing waterfalls, the silence of the island, the wilderness. The journey was almost the best I ever had. Kids too had a gala time.

Finally, two days just finished like a wink of an eye yet I cherished every moment during the stay. It was refreshing and rejuvenating. We bid goodbye to the staff at the resort, and packed our bags, back to home.

For the one last time, I cherished everything I could in my eyes, like a perfect picture. It was time to leave …back to the busy and polluted city, kids to school, me and the four walls and he and his office.

The journey back was little upsetting, I felt like missing the place.But as soon as I reached home, the chores and the house was not letting me loose into my dreamworld, as it had stored enough work for me.

Thanks to my friend Ambili on keralatrips4you to get this awesome opportunity for us.

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