Loneliness- the key to your soul


The silence was filled up in the air.

She moved out of the bed, slowly floating in the darkness, her breaths were controlled.

She took each step out of the bed with caution, she freezes her anklets and her bangles, so that none make a move before she thinks. She kept a pillow beside her adorable kids to make them feel better.

Slowly moving to the quieter music of the night, where she could hear only the buzzing of vehicles from the distant roads and some honks. It was not a peaceful night, though, she could feel the breeze that was brushing her hair and the coldness under her nose.

It was the time, the time she loved being lonely her ‘me time’.

There was a time when she hated loneliness, she felt the need for some oxygen then. It was the time when she felt she was horrified by being alone and her thoughts were crumbled, diverted and she felt lost.

And now she fell in love with the loneliness, the vacant spaces never bothered her. She opened up the window, gazing the early morning sky, succumbing the freshness in the air. She wanted to be free from all the tangles, set herself ready for the whole day. She felt the breeze caressing her, comforting her as if nature was fondling her.

She let herself loose, in nature, feel the romance of nature.She gulped in a large volume of air, feeling the need to be full early morning.

The moment of silence was speaking more than words could.

She felt better, with a good conversation to her heart. She enjoyed it.

Loniless was never creepy again. She was in love with it.She wanted these quiet moments every day to feel better and stronger. The more she missed talking to herself, the more she complicated things.

There is none better than yourself to talk to at times.