Dance of love


Her hands were swiftly moving in the air, like a ballet dancer cutting the atmosphere around her.

She moved like a perfect mermaid, swinging her feet and her hands up in the air synching with the beats of music played.Her heart was beating like the hands of the clock, she could feel the thump of her heart.

She danced across the hall, feeling the liveliness in her body. Her hair laid open and swinging along with her movement. Every part of her body was aching, yet she wanted to dance, dance away like a mermaid into the deep ocean of love.

The song was thrusting in her heart, she danced closing her eyes feeling the intense love of music and the love of her life. The moment she was re-living being a girl.

Years and years the emotions were crumbled up and buried under her heart, and it was alive again.A spark brought out the real ‘her’ from the deep down dungeon of her life.She smiled as she swayed across the floor, she could easily move inside the house with her eyes closed, as she was used to space.

Her body was controlled and all she could feel was the rhythm in the air, her own heartbeat and the freshness in her mind. She danced and danced as much as she could until she sat down with a smile, a smile that she had lost somewhere in the middle of her journey in life.

All the pieces of the puzzle fell back into the right place and she was happy. She solved her riddles that confused her for a while and decided to live again the moment she gained.

She realized how much love can bring into her, her emotional turmoils and depressions she was fighting hard to live and survive were long gone.

She was in love, just love.

She could smile without breaking her heart.

She could look without breaking her vision

She could feel without barriers

She felt beautiful and confident

All she did was dance through the spring of love, feeling the love and the power of being ‘her’ again.