What the beach took from her

Young woman underwater floating with white dress
In the far end, visible to his eyes, there she stood close to the tree, overlooking the magnificent beach ahead. He knew she loved the way the waves caressed the sand. She compared it to the act of making love, teasing whenever she spoke to him.
She was lost in her thoughts, at times smiling at something. She didn’t want anyone, she could find solace even in the roars of the beach and the cool sand. The evening was splendid, she couldn’t take her eyes off the sea and the birds flying. In the far end, all she could see was the waves rushing onto the shore and then carrying away everything from the sand but leaving at least some treasures.
Her kids were enjoying the waves, she saw them picking up the treasures that the sea left for them. The sun was setting down, the reddishness was filling the sky. She kept looking at the impeccable beauty of nature, the winds caressing and tickling her soul as it passed by. She felt being young again, the soft breeze was kissing her nose, lips and her neck, she felt like the wind teasing her like the first love.
She left her hair open, enjoyed the touch of the wind on the strands of her hair, her soul, raised her hands, stretched herself, and then slowly as if releasing her soul, fell onto the sand. She felt like soaking herself on the sandy beach. She lay down there and felt the whole beach on herself the sands the shells everything. It was like she got plunged into the soft layer of the mother earth. She lay there and watched the sun go down.
As soon as the sun touched the horizon, she stood up, walked to the waters, and let the waves gulp her. She stood there watching the waves come and capture her. There was a time when she wished the waves took her away, but now she didn’t.
She wanted to be here with her love and wanted to feel the life. She felt soaked and drenched with the salty beach water. She looked for her kids, ran to them, and held their hands and ran into the beach, She played with them for hours, something in her whole life she will never ever get bored off.She realized being a mom had made her think more of others than herself.
She drowned her selfishness in the beach and took only the selfless one along with her as she returned home.She wanted to be the desired by others, rather than a need.

Her dreams


The night was over, the sun was creeping up, waking everyone on the way its bright light was passing by. The foggy layer in the atmosphere was fighting with the sun to make everyone get a cozy sleep. The fog was filled up everywhere, nothing could be seen on the other side.

She was all snuggled in the bed with all her goodies in her hand. All she wanted was to sleep. She lay there smiling, dreaming al the wonderful memories of her life. The night before and the days before. She was happy.

She knew those dreams would break as she opened her eyes. The cold winds made her body chill, she slid more into her blankets, holding her hands close to her body, trying to give the warmth she was receiving in her dreams.

Her alarm rang already two times making her half awake, but she didn’t bother, she wanted her sleep, her dreams, which she didn’t live. The snooze button was near her fingers, she never bothered to off it next time, because she knew it was time to wake up, out of her world.

She loved her dream land where she enjoyed the most of her unfulfilled dreams. She loved to dream them to encourage herself more, though she knew some were unsatisfied quench, which she should perish on the way in her life.

The struggles of her dream and the morning were always the same, it was like some monster coming to attack and take her away. Struggling to get a pinch of sleep, she abandoned the thoughts of all the days she works she had to do, she even dreamt of finishing it in a jiff.

But it was just a dream.It was like the dream during her childhood where she wanted to have a chocolate waterfall and a house made of chocolate and cakes inspired by the Charlie and the Chocolate factory movie.

It was the final call, and her alarm rang. How much ever she denies of the current world, she has to raise, else she would be in trouble. She woke with a hope to dream again in her nights about the fantasy world, the world keeping her alive as she sleeps.

As she lay there


As she lay there gazing at the beautiful spotless blue sky. All she could feel was the wetness of the green grass holding her firmly to the ground. The grass was wet and smelling like earthly things. She could feel the softness of the leaves and the wetness of the sand with her fingers. She lied there gazing the beauty up there and feeling the nature with her fingers down there. She was so close to the ground that she could see small ants walking by her side carrying things. She felt like her eyes were some magnifying glass. She wished to go with these hardworking ants and see their kingdom. Some wishes are better to be wished and not fulfilled.

As she looked up, simultaneously three four jets were cutting across their path in the sky, making some patterns in the sky. It was like someone drew white lines on the dark blue board on the wall. The smoky path created up there was dissipating gradually, soaking into the blue sky slowly and becoming invisible. 

She was playing with the grass, whose leaves were thinner than her fingers, she slowly rubs the leaves, feeling the coldness of dew drops. She felt like she landed on a lovely spring.Her bare feet was feeling the grass beneath. She felt that all her nerves ending in the bottom of her feet were enjoying the thrust of the grass. It was like some reiki treatment. 

She closed her eyes, trying to feel which nerves of her feet were getting pampered. She felt like the whole earth was cuddling her, feeling her and slowly crawling up onto her, taking every inch of her body under their control. The grass was covering her legs hands and moving to her belly button as if to nailing herself down to the mother earth. 

She lay still, feeling the creeping of the lovely hands of the earth.She lay there with her eyes closed and feeling the touch.And slowly and slowly, the creeping went on, tickling her as it passes by every spot on her body to reach her belly button.

AHHHHHHHH !!! NO NO NO!!!!!!!LET Me Get up 

She giggled and woke up from her dreams, it was not mother nature, but her Lil kids, who were crawling on to her, and tickling her all the time. She cuddled them, hugged them, tickled them and they all hee-haw together happily.

She knew this was her happy world. 

A rainy start


She woke up to the sound of a gush of water, she thought she was near some stream, but yes, of course, she was in her senses and she knew she was at her home. It was almost early morning and she could feel the breeze through her window which was left open. The wind was actually playing with her window, the cold winds giving her chills, she just held her blankets close to herself and the blanket was giving warmth to her body wherever it rubbed. Still, she could feel the soft touch of the wet breeze caressing her feet, her ears, and her nose.

She focussed more on the outside. Thunder and lightning and in the darkness of the night when the lightning strike, she saw the downpour of the rain. Rain -something she loved the most. Rain filled her heart with loving memories. Memories which she never lived again, but cherished forever in her heart. She sat inside her cozy room snuggled in the blankets watching her world outside through the window. The black bars on the window kept her away from the rain, yet her memories could flow well as it was not caged.

She remembered the moments she had a ride on the bike with her love completely drenched in the rain. The drenched body, her lips, and hands and the romantic ride in the heart of the city. The walk under the shady trees, holding an umbrella with his hands holding her close to him. She felt like reliving the moment again.She felt the goosebumps.

She comforted herself in the warmth of her pillow and the blankets, watching the rain as the rays of the sun started to lit up the world. She got up and as she put her legs down, the chilled floor gave a chilling effect on her feet and she felt a cold current pass into her. She stood and walked out of her room and then opened the door. The beauty of the drenched green leaves, the wet sand, the smell of the wet sand and the fresh morning was marvelous.

It was still raining, she sat there watching the drops of water falling from the sky as it finally ended. Still, the roofs had little droplets dripping down from the top, making a hole in the sand in a raw.

She sat and watched for a while lost in her dreams and memories.

Autumn blooms


It was the beautiful season of the year – Autumn.

The time when the trees shed their leaves and stand up straight ready to welcome the white snowy coats to cover them. The amazingly beautiful park was covered with orange, red, yellow color leaves – she walked and picked them to feel the beauty. Everything around her was alluring. She didn’t know where to look and where to click. She wished she could gather all this beauty in her heart and cherish it forever.

It was indeed difficult.

The combination of multi-colored trees and the green grass almost swept her mind off. She walked and walked along the path, cherishing the moments she has soaking with this beauty. The weather was cold and she was trying to warm her up in her jackets. The wind was tickling her soft fingers, giving little cold as it goes by. She kept her hands inside her pockets and walked past the park, then to bridge that connects to her home.

As she reached one-fourth of the bridge, she couldn’t take her eyes off the beauty around. She stood there, watching the ripples in the water and the spectacular beauty around her. The soft breeze was pampering her as if she was a feather floating along the wind. 

She stood there lost in her thoughts for a while.

Time swept by, she never knew. In the end, she could see it was the sun setting and warning her it is getting darker soon. In the bright redness of the setting sun, the autumn flowers were impeccable. The mixture of redness was soaking in the atmosphere. She watched the sun set down for his good night sleep while walking up to her home.

As soon as she reached it was dark and everything was same everywhere, overshadowed by the night sky, big black blankets covering up the whole world. 

She finished her chores and climbed up to her cozy bed to feel snuggled in the cold night.She craved for warmth and love. She wrapped her up in the blankets and with the beautiful dream in her eyes slept to the melody played by the breeze in her ears. She slept peacefully to open up her eye to another beautiful day in her life.