Let’s escape into the dreams


Dreaming and being lost in her dreams was something she loved.

She felt her dream land was far better to be in.

She closed her eyes as if they were glued together to forget her space in the real world.

Even before she slipped into her sleep, she wanted to dream, she works on her imagination wheel, to stir the ride to her Utopia. The world where she wants to enter even with her eyes open.

The best thing about her world is, everything is perfect, dreamy covered in snow, rain, greenery, flowers everything that she was fond of. The dreamland she built when she was hardly too small to understand what a dream was.

The perfect land had marvelous giant green-clad mountains, enormous shady trees that give her shade as well as contains her favorite tree house. She loved tree houses. She wanted to live amidst the green leaves and witness the beauty of the world around her, from her comfy treehouse. She dreamt of it many times, when she would be sitting on the deck and witnessing the beautiful world she crafted on her own.

She loved the long walks in the garden of love, where everything bloomed when she smiled and the grass comforted her when she lay there, as if in her mother’s womb, warm and comfortable.

She was perfectly imperfect in the real world she felt, but here in her world, she was the princess. She played with butterflies and birds. She was never tired of her world.

When the real world gets her messed up, her dreamland brings her back to normal. She takes a walk in the alluring beauty for a while, caressing everything with her soft hands on the way. The path was endless.

She could sit hours and admire the glass house of the dew drops on the leaves, which was a spectacular combination of nature colors.She smiled at the dew drop, trying to find out her own reflection in it. The drops were too small to contain her. She wanted to love someone, who could contain her image in their eyes.

In her world, nobody asked her to be pretty, no one complained about anything, she could walk around like a free bird, be messy and dirty and do everything she ever loved.

It was time to move on, she knew she would be back here in a jiff. She bid a lovely goodbye in the hope to be back again as she closed her eyes.

It was the perfect time in the morning, where the whole world sleeps and she wakes up to her alarm.

It was time for some reality !!!

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