What the beach took from her

Young woman underwater floating with white dress
In the far end, visible to his eyes, there she stood close to the tree, overlooking the magnificent beach ahead. He knew she loved the way the waves caressed the sand. She compared it to the act of making love, teasing whenever she spoke to him.
She was lost in her thoughts, at times smiling at something. She didn’t want anyone, she could find solace even in the roars of the beach and the cool sand. The evening was splendid, she couldn’t take her eyes off the sea and the birds flying. In the far end, all she could see was the waves rushing onto the shore and then carrying away everything from the sand but leaving at least some treasures.
Her kids were enjoying the waves, she saw them picking up the treasures that the sea left for them. The sun was setting down, the reddishness was filling the sky. She kept looking at the impeccable beauty of nature, the winds caressing and tickling her soul as it passed by. She felt being young again, the soft breeze was kissing her nose, lips and her neck, she felt like the wind teasing her like the first love.
She left her hair open, enjoyed the touch of the wind on the strands of her hair, her soul, raised her hands, stretched herself, and then slowly as if releasing her soul, fell onto the sand. She felt like soaking herself on the sandy beach. She lay down there and felt the whole beach on herself the sands the shells everything. It was like she got plunged into the soft layer of the mother earth. She lay there and watched the sun go down.
As soon as the sun touched the horizon, she stood up, walked to the waters, and let the waves gulp her. She stood there watching the waves come and capture her. There was a time when she wished the waves took her away, but now she didn’t.
She wanted to be here with her love and wanted to feel the life. She felt soaked and drenched with the salty beach water. She looked for her kids, ran to them, and held their hands and ran into the beach, She played with them for hours, something in her whole life she will never ever get bored off.She realized being a mom had made her think more of others than herself.
She drowned her selfishness in the beach and took only the selfless one along with her as she returned home.She wanted to be the desired by others, rather than a need.