Her dreams


The night was over, the sun was creeping up, waking everyone on the way its bright light was passing by. The foggy layer in the atmosphere was fighting with the sun to make everyone get a cozy sleep. The fog was filled up everywhere, nothing could be seen on the other side.

She was all snuggled in the bed with all her goodies in her hand. All she wanted was to sleep. She lay there smiling, dreaming al the wonderful memories of her life. The night before and the days before. She was happy.

She knew those dreams would break as she opened her eyes. The cold winds made her body chill, she slid more into her blankets, holding her hands close to her body, trying to give the warmth she was receiving in her dreams.

Her alarm rang already two times making her half awake, but she didn’t bother, she wanted her sleep, her dreams, which she didn’t live. The snooze button was near her fingers, she never bothered to off it next time, because she knew it was time to wake up, out of her world.

She loved her dream land where she enjoyed the most of her unfulfilled dreams. She loved to dream them to encourage herself more, though she knew some were unsatisfied quench, which she should perish on the way in her life.

The struggles of her dream and the morning were always the same, it was like some monster coming to attack and take her away. Struggling to get a pinch of sleep, she abandoned the thoughts of all the days she works she had to do, she even dreamt of finishing it in a jiff.

But it was just a dream.It was like the dream during her childhood where she wanted to have a chocolate waterfall and a house made of chocolate and cakes inspired by the Charlie and the Chocolate factory movie.

It was the final call, and her alarm rang. How much ever she denies of the current world, she has to raise, else she would be in trouble. She woke with a hope to dream again in her nights about the fantasy world, the world keeping her alive as she sleeps.