The beach side


Her dreams were vague and discreet.

She didn’t realize she was dreaming, as she could feel the freshness of the salty winds and the breeze touching and flaunting her hair.The feel was so fresh, that she felt like running deep into the sea to soak herself in the mesmerizing water.

But something held her back.

She sat there watching the waves touching the white sand washing away all the dirt as it goes back into the sea. It was like love overflowing. The wetness remains even when the sea goes off, and the sand lay still eagerly waiting for the touch of the salty water.

As she kept gazing at those waves, dancing in front of her, she smiled and looked at the horizon. She wished to be there, at the end of the world, if it existed. She wanted to be the migratory birds, flying away every season, in search of a new home. She wanted to be a rolling stone, that gathers no moss but carries everything in the heart. She felt the need to be a sea, where the water is not tangled, but sweeps all the dirt and sorrows away from one’s mind.

The feeling was so strange, she craved to be everything else where she cannot have anyone with her.The need for freedom to be on her own was at the most.Yes, but she was shackled by the chains of love and the care she received in her world, which is surely different from her Utopian kingdom.

She decided, that dreams are meant to be realistic, live the life as she wanted, but in real not in the dream. She embraced the truth and let go what she had in her mind. She walked closely to the beach side, the wind and the waves were whispering to her, inviting her to join the dream world, but she knew what she needs to choose.

As she stood there, the waves came and swallowed her, for a moment everyone thought she was gone. But the waves took only her wings and dreams giving her a new life to live, the real one which was sure to give her unending happiness.

The waves returned to the sea the same way, carrying all she had, but there she was all smiling because for a moment she lived the life underwater and now she can live happily, and not like a fish out of the water.

She ran back to her loved ones, hugged and kissed them and decided not to let go of them. She looked back and missed her dreamy side, but she was happy and content. Dreams are never shackled, she could still dream. As she lay closing her eyes, the dreams returned to her, giving her beautiful dream as a gift.

Dreams never let go .