Live to the fullest

Paint with me, my life

share the joys and sorrows with me

caress me with the love and the soft touch of your warm hands

love me like never before 

Fill the life in the mesmerizing colors and take a jolly ride with me in the ups and downs of my life.

Every love is desirable in the journey of life

But a few remains in the heart forever cherished and buried under the burdens of life 

unseen to the world outside.

I wish not to share my pain, but my happiness a lot

Worry not about what the world says

listen to what your soul says

whisper in the heart wants you to enjoy the depth of life

love and love me forever 

because life is only once 

never miss a second as second chances are rarest to get.


Every soul in the universe craves for the best. The rhythm of the words that it rings in the ears of the heart, live every moment to the fullest as it cannot happen again.

4 thoughts on “Live to the fullest

  1. Liked reading it. Many a times in my day to day busy life I just forget to live and enjoy the moment.
    Loved the line “life is only once never miss a second as second chances are rarest to get.”

    Liked by 1 person

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