Ever felt the aroma of real life. Here’s the story of one such aroma.

The amazing tale of aroma that arise from the hidden ingredients of the kitchen. The smell is heavenly and will keep you floating towards the food. 

Every morning she wakes up, to the mixed aroma of the tantalizing agarbathis from the pooja room and the smell of the morning tea. The moment when the tea powder mixes with the colorless water, adding a golden tinge to it. 

The thought of the mesmerizing color makes her arise from the sleep and urge her to take a plunge into the golden brown water and dance across the cup, as if she was stirring the cup of tea, in between giving a cyclone movement to the crystals of sugar poured into the cup. 

The sugar touches her feet like snow crystals, making her sway in the cyclone created by the spoon stirring the hot cup, with the fumes of the hot cup rising and spreading its wings and flying away like a butterfly from the cocoon, spreading the joy of warmth and aroma across the rooms. 

The smell urge her to to grab the cup and plant a kiss on the lips of the tea cup. She cannot resist the feeling and she runs to take her share of love and warmth. The moment she closes her eyes and proceeds to the tip of the cup as if she is a lover planting a kiss on her love, the world pauses. 

As she takes the first sip, the warmth of the hot tea, swims down her mouth through the vocal chords to the tummy inside. The world seems to be alive again and she could hear everything around the moment the first mouthful reaches the tummy. The journey down the way for the golden brown sip is like spreading the warmth across the organs making her feel the magic of coming alive. 

It is as if she has bloomed.