Every morning I wake up to a new ‘hope’

Hope to do more

To be with someone I love the most

To be touched by love

to be wanted more

to care and to care for

to be hugged the tightest way that love is expressed

to be kissed with a passion of love

to live with all happiness

to make someone happy 

to be a miracle for someone

to be different 

Everyone lives with a hope, the hope gives the strength and courage.

It is like a light on the horizon for someone seeking a way out of darkness. Hope helps someone to survive.

I want to live like the ‘last leaf’, be someone’s light and lead them in their path.

I want to be like the wind that gives them a push in their life to lead.

I want to be like the thirst that they long for. 

Hope to be the candle in the darkness where I can give them the light when they need and melt away.

I wish I could be the one who comes to their mind when they need someone to love. 

I want to fly like a bird but caged to value the freedom of flying.

I want to the last nibble that someone craves for. 

I just want to be a friend whom you asked for.

I just want to be ‘myself’, just before I perish myself.