Mirror, Mirror Am I beautiful -A short story


There she was sitting in one corner weeping. 

None came to rescue her, she was weeping all the time. She could hear her heart breaking into pieces. But there were none to collect it and give her in one piece. She was left on her own. She noticed through her teary eyes that all other kids were happily playing. She was the only one left alone, alone forever. She knew she was not up to them, something in her kept her away from those happy kids. 

Her thought kept whispering in her ears, the loneliness was too much to bear for her as a child. She asked many questions inside her head, but none of them answered. As soon as the school was over, she ran to her home, all with bewilderment and pain. As soon as she reached home, she left her bags and ran to her space to weep and stood near the mirror and asked – was it something really bad in her? Is she being ignored because of her physical appearance?  – so many questions about her made her confused, but to her disappointment, the mirror never had answers to satisfy her little mind. 

She thought to ask someone, but even if she insisted herself to ask, words never came out of her mouth. She sat silently had her piece of bread and milk and returned to her room for being all alone. The home was the only place, where she could find solace. 

She stood near her mom’s mirror looking every way into it, to dig out what exactly the matter with her. She put on a little lipstick ,a little cream and makeup, but nothing is rather changing, she is the same. Seems the mirror was broken. 

Before sleeping  every day she prayed to God, that some miracle happens and she becomes beautiful because she thought it was what that kept all away from her. She wanted to be thin and beautiful. Yes, that was what hurting a lot, she was not a normal girl, being fat made her stand out among everyone.

The idea of beauty was never in her, she never knew, that beauty comes in all sizes. She was too small to understand that. 

Her mom came and sat near her, and tried to understand what was going on inside her. She kept brushing her hair, talking to her and asking her about how was her day. Finally, she hugged her mom and began to weep. 

Her mom terrified and took her in her arms, and relaxed her. She felt that her daughter’s pain was much more difficult to be handled. But yes moms can do magic. She believed that only her mom can help her out, she spoke out every pain in her heart.

As her mom said” Oh dear, don’t cry, you are the most beautiful one in the world. Beauty doesn’t come in size, it’s the inner beauty that projects out, be good and feel beautiful inside, and that is what projects on your outer appearance. You are accepted as you are by the one you love and then none of these becomes a matter of concern.Everyone is made different, it doesn’t mean that they are bad “. 

Listening to these kind and magic words from her mom, she fell asleep, and the next day she was full of energy. She was glowing because her heart was happier. 

She left for school, wearing a smile. This time her mirror showed a beautiful girl all smiling and power.She felt happy.

She felt like her mom had cast a spell, and there she was in school making new friends.She forgot all the pain of being Fat and mingled with everyone. She realized that she doesn’t have to make herself beautiful for others, her inner beauty will be the one that attracts anyone to her. 


Body shaming is not just in elders, even happen among kids. Kids need to understand that an appearance doesn’t make a person bad or good, it is the behavior and the way people handle the situation makes them beautiful. Every single being on earth is made up with so much love and care put that one need to handle it with as much love as possible. 

Love yourself and everyone else will fall in love with you. 🙂

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