All you need is a hug !!

Happy Mothers Day Daughter Giving Flower And Hug To Mother Clipart

Alarms ringing!!

Off -snooze

Alarm ringing again …

Snooze or off.

Still, there is time… She can sleep for five more minutes dream it all.

As she was struggling to get to remember what she was dreaming… she was confused whether to close eyes and sleep or just relax. She wanted that dream… but in no way she could recollect it. she felt it all over herself, but yes.. that was lost forever.

The cool morning breeze was blowing and all she wanted was to cherish the dreams and sleep deep into the blankets and with all her pillows.

But what is she doing now?

She is holding a cup of tea, that is fuming in the cold morning, giving her the warmth that she needs. She takes a sip and then slowly slides her hands inside her jackets to get a little warmer. Her eyes were bright and shining. As she was overlooking to the east waiting for the rise.

In the distant she can see many lights on in other buildings, she knew she was not alone. Many are awake like her. She tried to relax with her cup of tea…. but no ..the cool winter is just making her lazier.

As she was busy witnessing the morning, the little hands came to her and started caressing her cheeks.The little hands were cold and soft, and she could feel the warmth of love. The hug was all she wanted. It made her day. She took her in her arms and snuggle and curl up her in her lap. she held her close to her heart, so that she listens to it, and realize how she loves her in her arms.

Love is so intense that one cannot tell..but surely express it. A tight hug may be an answer to thousands of problem.

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School days taught me much -which I realised lately

It is a holiday time again..

And yet another roller coaster ride for coming 10 days.

All the school things remind me of my school and childhood days. The fun days, the carefree part of our childhood. Evey child must enjoy their childhood, the best part of the life where you are never blamed for being happy or sad. Rather than crushed in the turmoil of harsh competitions let them enjoy the most of their school days.
I see parents so confused on what their child should pursue and do …but in my case… there were not many thoughts to buy..we all led the life, as it came along to us and welcomed them as it was.

In my school times, I used to enjoy everything that comes around from small competitions (in order to get out of classes and tests) and any sports or annual day. My whole point of being always in school was to be a part of all the activities, enjoy to the most and cherish every fond memory.

I may not be popular or ‘the best’ but I always loved the company of anyone who tagged along with me. I liked being at school. It was the only place I felt like second home, as my mom was a teacher, I was always on the school premises.

Instead of being at home… all day waiting for your mom who is in school, it was good to be in school munching around something from the canteen with the little pocket money I got.

Even the empty classroom, the empty boards, and benches, never made me upset. I loved the company of my teachers and at times their kids.

This is how I learned to manage on my own…through my mom… I never realized that all these I was learning all the way through my childhood to my current stage. Every child learns at the time they are born. The funny game of learning new skills, that no school can teach or books.