The eyes that look up to her

She was doing her chores as well as looking at her darlings playing there near her. It was how she spend her evening time with her kids. The moment they are back home, she gets them the sweetest t food they long for, be with them, watch their favorite shows and finally when it is time to return she goes back to finish her cleaning and cooking.

The mornings when they leave for school, she waits for all day for this, the moment she sees them. The wait in her eyes, the longing to see them and feel them is always intense. Her thoughts get distracted when her kids are not there near her. And when they are near, it is hardly impossible to concentrate.

The youngest kid knows the art of holding her mom close to her and lock her beside her as and when she likes ( the smart way) and the elder one has the art of gaining her attentions. Little did they know, that even if she is busy in her own world at times..her full mind is there with them. Her heart pounds when they run around so that they don’t fall down and get hurt.

The two sides keep pulling her attention. The conflict of being a good mom continues always. One side of her mind tells, let them be independent, another one tell her, Oh she will die without them.

Suddenly as she was battling with all these emotions, the youngest one approaches her and held her face in her small, tiny hands. Focusing her view towards her.The she tries to grab her attention. Her eyes tell everything she wanted to know. She holds her then her daughter starts o pour in all her love to her… she hugs her, kiss her on the forehead, kiss her on the cheeks , then tightly hug her.

She knows somewhere they knew she was lost at times. The powerful eyes of her kids pours down all the love for her in one way or the other. She felt worthy and happy again.

As soon as the phase was over, they start their normal fights again and her life is set normal again.

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