The fond memories of a teenager

As she sat on the bench of the classroom, overlooking the magical beauty of her surrounding that was drenched in the rain she was not sure that how much she was going to miss the place. The beauty of the old building, the rustic look of the classrooms and the stairs everything seemed soo fresh in the rain. she remembered the very first day through those giant gates. Her footsteps were almost intimidating, she never knew what was waiting for her inside.

As she swept away through the stairs, running to her classroom, not even looking here and there, she caught the glimpse of the number of students who were roaming all around and their happy faces, the sweets they were given on the very first day. A warm welcome by the senior classes.

Three years just swept away. Few more months to go and she would be out into the world. She learned many things and earned many good friends as well as bad ones. The bad experiences never faded her strength, because she had her friends, her best friends she would treasure forever.

She walked hand in hand with her best friend, all around the college, her favorite places where she made memories.The elegant building, the delicious canteens, the ladies rooms, the walkway to the grounds which were covered by the most beautiful trees. The trees too had many stories to tell them, the old fond memories of the college. She never knew she would miss all these fun.

It was time to depart, It won’t be the same again even if she returns to this place. The beauty that is seen from the young mind will change.She was hurt by the thought of going away, she thought she had something to freeze the time forever. She wanted to enjoy all three years of her life once again.

All she could remember was the stories of friendship and care, none what she learned was going in her mind. She knew what she treasured the most there.She remembered the evenings of the Sunday Chapel services, where she would come along with her friends from the hostel, to cherish the beauty of her wonderful college in the dusk.

The beauty was impeccable and unshakable till now. Since the beauty was linked to the thousands of souls who studied there, the beauty always doubled year-by-year.

Finally, it was time to let go, she never knew how much she cried. Time once gone is gone forever. The red sand and the shady walkways, the pleasant rains everything in there seemed soo attractive to her. Her heart cracked, which was never healed.

One day she was sure she would return with all her happy heart and friends, to enjoy the hours she wanted to spend there. The wait is still not over.